Guude Plays FEAR – Project Origin – E10

Web: Guude Merch Shares of my Soul (free) G+: FB: Twitter: Reddit: My name is Jason, most people online call me Guude. My first Let’s Play was minecraft and I have since branched out to other games that either I enjoy or viewers think I will enjoy. That or they just want to scream like a little bitch for their amusement. FEAR is a game I have owned for years, but never got around to playing, so I am going to do it for the first time with you guys watching, hopefully I don’t fail too bad at this.


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23 Responses to Guude Plays FEAR – Project Origin – E10

  1. sjors91

    i think fear 2 played a lot bether way more funn ! bether and longer story as well. this fear 3 is cool but almost no scary parts at least in fear 2 u always get a lil scared no matter how mutch u played it :) im going to play it soon again the grapics on fear 3 are a lil bether mut not to mutch.

  2. 09Chique09

    “or put your dick in there, hope something good happens” LOL hahahahha

  3. frank1nbeanz

    play the first, much better

  4. GuudeBoulderfist

    After reading all the comments I grabbed a few I liked then randomly picked one of those. THINKMACHINE is the winner. Thanks everyone that participated.

  5. TheCruelStriker

    *wife walks in*

    Jason: Bitch I ain’t kissing you, you’re as scary as hell!

    I can just imagine that…

  6. JeebusBand

    Guude. I love you. No homo

  7. MsZoeishere

    On TV – a visit to the nurses office
    Pause action, im getting education here!

  8. GhostShogun10

    You missed an intel item at the start of the school.

  9. NightlyPeace

    Guude: why you have a knife at school?

  10. JTeede

    WTF has Andrew been eating to be that buff at 7 years old?

  11. JTeede

    “Cooking with Kids”
    I think that might be useful to those baby fuckers. ;)

  12. BlackPaladin2

    Fun fact: The guy who voiced Griffin (the black Sergeant that Alma killed in the beginning of the video) also voices Hermes from Futurama. =)

  13. gortern

    I hope you continue the scary FPS Guude, their fun to watch.

  14. SuperCart123

    “Students + Teachers = Success” unless… their all dead,,, the reason why there are no dead student bodies is because sadly those weird ghost thingys took them as sex toys… I would never know.

  15. rpgplayer2365

    Hey this is my school same art and red kool aid stains

  16. rpgplayer2365

    Guude master of foresight.

  17. ballydurrows97

    heh hi guude :3 btw i could hear u breath in all ur videos xD <3

  18. xSatansStalkerx

    God, get a life Alma! oh, and SHIRTS!!!

  19. EliasPrime13

    the tilted letters at the bottom of the school sign spell “ALMA”…


    :L “did i loose my woman? .. oh there you are come on bitch were doing stuff” :P funny man! funny! :P

  21. caseyking14

    The school is definitely my favorite part of this game

  22. someoldguy111

    dude your funny as hell and i watch all your videos btw you rock bro and I crack up every video

  23. cynsye

    Once again proving your powers of navigation and observation ;)

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